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Home Exercise Foundations

After the Home Exercise Foundations Workshop you'll have a home workout plan set up based on proven foundational principles that will keep you exercising consistently for years to come. This workshop is ideal for you if:

✔ You're at the early stages of your home exercise routine
Exercise feels 'heavy' and daunting to add to your plate right now
✔ You've tried what everyone else is doing (several times) and it never works for you (or feels 'right')
✔ You want an exercise plan that sticks because your physical health is a top priority for you
✔ You want to find out what you need to know to kickstart a workout plan that you can start right away so you don't get de-railed during holidays or vacations
✔ You're open to trying a new approach and different strategies


How to Train for Any Obstacle Event from Home

Walk away from this 2-hour workshop with the understanding of exactly how to combine a running plan with home workouts to fully prepare for your next (or first) obstacle event.

This workshop includes a step-by-step walk through of 1) how to research and decide on the right event for you 2) how to train from home for the event and 3) your event day do's and don'ts.

This workshop includes everything you need to know to get 100% prepared for your event!

This workshop is ideal for you if:

✔ You're planning to sign up (or have already registered) for an obstacle event that has a 3-12 mile run in addition to obstacles to complete on the course
✔ You want to use a running plan combined with workouts you do at home to train for the event
✔ You have at least 8+ weeks (preferably more depending on the difficulty and distance of the event) to prepare/train for your event
✔ You want to know how to train for your event but you also want to know what to wear, who to invite to do the event with you and what to expect during the event

✔You're ok with investing $67 into learning some strategies about how to do something that's going to change your life


Your Perfect Plan Power Hour

This 'how-to' workshop is for women looking for hands-on tactical guidance to set up their first week of workouts based on my proven methods and strategies. I'll walk you through how to create a home workout plan (you'll actually want to do) using free streaming workouts and no equipment).

We'll start by identifying the obstacles to your motivation and finish with a complete workout calendar based on your unique fitness goals and abilities. This workshop is ideal for you if:

✔ You're at the early stages of your home exercise journey
✔ You want an exercise plan that you can maintain (but that's not complicated) because your physical health is a top priority for you (but you're really busy)
✔ You like the idea of having a plan that you're in charge of and that takes into account YOUR fitness goals, life and abilities
✔ You want to see exactly how to implement my unique methods into your workout plan
✔ You're new to creating a workout plan (or you've tried exercise plan 'templates' and they didn't work for you)

The Vault + Home Exercise Academy

Cadillac Offer for serious home exercisers!)

While the Vault + Home Exercise Academy is NOT a workshop, it IS the single most useful and impacful resource for women who exercise at home--a library of everything I've learned (pieced together in a logical way) about how to be successful with home exercise over the course of 20+ years of doing it myself--and doing it well.

I open The Vault up once a quarter (4x a year) to women who are serious about self-improvement and changing their lives with home fitness. If that's you, then jump on the waitlist 'cuz you won't be disappointed.

The Vault + Home Exercise Academy is all about putting the power to change your life into your hands. I tell you what to do. All you have to do is show up (and do the things).

Intrigued? You'll discover all the details about The Vault + Home Exercise Academy before you sign up, but you have to be on the waitlist to be notified. Click the link below to be added to the waitlist!


The Motivation Domination Workshop

If you're like most women you struggle with workout motivation. The fact is, without embracing an understanding of the 10 principles (commandments) of workout motivation that I break down for you in this workshop, you'll most likely continue to do so. This workshop is ideal for you if:

✔ You ever struggle to find the motivation to exercise
✔ You WANT to be able to exercise consistently without feeling like every workout has to be forced
✔ You feel like a lack of motivation is a big reason why you can't seem to stay consistent with a fitness plan
✔ You understand the connection between a healthy body, mind and soul and are committed to getting healthier with regular exercise
✔ You're open to trying a new approach and different strategies

✔You're ok with investing $27 into learning something that will improve your health (and life)

Your Home Exercise Roadmap


A roadmap is the fastest way to set up a successful home exercise routine!

This video workshop goes one-step beyond the information we share inside our signature Home Exercise Roadmap pdf and walks you through the important tips and strategies that will help you find sustainable success with home exercise.

You'll discover for yourself how to avoid the unique challenges that come with exercising at home (that might surprise you) and how to pave the way to a home workout system you can easily sustain.

Meet Mickie.

Hi! I'm Mickie, I help women change their lives with home exercise! I've been exercising at home for 20+ years and in 2016 I started a company to help other women get the results that I was seeing.

I’m really good at what I do. I’m very passionate about what I do. And I want nothing more than to help you. Why? Because every woman has a massive contribution to make in this world. You’re here for a reason.

And to show up as the best version of you--you must prioritize your physical health with a regular exercise routine. And as I rise and lift you...the ripple goes out to those around you.

Together we can make the world better. I'm so glad you're here!

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